Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nappy of the Month....April

        I got to try out a couple of lovely nappies this month, making it really hard to choose a winner for this month but the winner for this month REALLY genuinely deserves the crown. Little C and I were given the opportunity to test out a nappy we had never ever tried out before. A Grovia - Hybrid AI2 (All in 2). These nappies are AMAZING beyong works for their ease of use, reliability, fit and containment.
We got off to quite a slow start as C decided to poop in his new Grovia minutes after having it on the first few times of wear. I took this as a seal of approval.
        The Hybrid is made of of a Shell and interchangeable inserts which snap in and out allowing you to use the shell for more than one change so long as it isn't wet or soiled. Here is the inside of a Grovia:-

This fit my 27 month old really well despite him having just gone over the other end of the weight range! This really impressed me along with it's ability to cope with anything including having tomato soup spilt on it during lunch - thankfully it washed right out. It has a lovely fit around the legs and also goes down really small so there's a chance you could use these in hospital straight after having your baby using the compostable bio liners you can also get to use in the shells - yes Grovia have seriously thought of EVERYTHING when making these. Right down to having laundry tabs on the aplix range.
Key Tests: Washing - Wash at 40 for Shells and 40 or 60 degrees for the soakers
                  Drying time- Airer - Shells 60-90 minutes Soakers Overnight/ 16-18 hours
                                         By radiator - (Soakers) Overnight/ 12-14 hours
                                         Line Drying -(Soakers) Out in sunshine for appx 8 hours.                                           Tumble Drying - 50- 70 mins on low with 10 mins on high at start.

                   Absorbency- Excellent. Once washed to full absorbancy they had no trouble with 3 hours
                   Pooplosion containment - Excellent.
                   Fit -  Great fit on C. Tall 27 month old with smallish waist and chunky thighs.

This gorgeous Nappy was given to us to test by Flush and Wash Nappies who are excellent. They have a great range of nappies all tried and tested by their very own little boy and great customer service. Cannot fault them (I have gone on to purchase from them since they gave me a Grovia to test). You can find out more about Flush and Wash and Grovia by visiting their website or finding them on Facebook.

Congratulations To Flush and Wash and thankyou so much for allowing us to review a nappy for you. You have been bumped to the top of out Favourite shops on the right hand side of the blog for the rest of April :D.

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  1. sound really good, maybe i should treat my little boy during rnw