Friday, 20 April 2012

And the winner is...............

Such a busy week for all cloth nappy businesses this week! Lots of sharing with friends and spreading the word of how easy it can be to get started and use cloth nappies saving you lot's of pennies and hopefully the environment in the long run.

Did you grab any bargains this week? Lots of fluffy post being hidden from husbands I presume? Oh yes I am amongst you aswell don't you worry I can keep a secret ;)

Anyway........There were ALOT of entries and for some reason I decided to write out a list of numbers and write everyones name next to them.........I think next time I may type it. Ouchies.

The winner of the gorgeous snap in in a colour of your choice is..............

Rhiannon Turner

Well done to you :D. Please email and let them know we sent you to choose your snap in and of course let them know your postal address.

There are still lots f nappy offers going on so do not despair. The Snap ins are currently 20% off so visit and take advantage now!

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