Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bedtime Stories -David Walliams should stick to Comedy!

        Little C has bed shared with me practically since birth.
         By the time C was about 14 months old we decided we should take the sides off his cot bed and try him in that - even if he just stayed there for a couple of hours in the evening so we could have a bit of 'couple' time again it would be a bonus. IT WORKED!!
        We took his cot into his room (It had been up against our bed for many months with one side off up until this point so that Mr M could sleep with us if he wanted to), we took the other side off and pushed it us against the wall. We put a little Ikea sofa up against the head of his bed so that I could sit with him until he fell asleep. It didn't take long for him to get used to it. In fact we cracked it on the first night. I basically read him a story, a Disney one if I remember rightly, and he went off to sleep. Until this day 99% f the time this is where he sleeps from 7pm until 10-11pm when I take him into bed with me. Some night we have several waking in that time, sometimes we have none. Either way reading him to sleep has worked wonders for us and given Mr M and i a bit of time back to ourselves.
         At first I started with Disney books but after a while they got boring. and turning the page whilst holding a book and a light one handed (C holds my hand to fall asleep. Always has done, I'm like his own human comforter.) is a little tricky so i decided to progress onto longer books with more than 6 words to a page. This has worked wonders for us. I have read to him the entire works of Roald Dahl and recently read to him the first Harry Potter book. All went down a storm. Until a couple of nights ago when I started to read to him Mr Stink by David Walliams. It is awful. I think so, C definitely thinks so and I'm not sure Mr M thinks much of it either since C has played up so much since I started reading it we simply haven't seen each other the last couple of night.
       David Walliams is no writer, not for children's books at least. The inconsistent storyline, the boring language with it's occasional 'big word' thrown in for good measure make for a dull and frustrating read. Do not be disillusioned by the fact he has been lucky enough to rope in Quentin Blake - David is No Roald Dahl. Not by a long shot. Normally C finds story time soothing and is asleep within 20 minutes. Not last night the night before over an hour of him bouncing on the bed cross legged asking to go back downstairs, I gave up and went back to to reading the Harry Potter we had already finished the night before - 10 minutes later he was fast asleep. Last night Over an hour and a half after bedtime he was still bouncing cross legged on the bed, saying ''no more story now'' and Mr M took over with Harry Potter, again 10 minutes later it was asleep.
       I have no idea what it is about the book he doesn't like! He's two so it's not like he can tell me just yet but I think it has a lot to do with the stopping and starting. I find myself having to retrace my steps and reading back a page because there just does not seem to be any logical plot developing. There's no excitement, just drivel. It's downright boring and not a pleasure to read at all. In fact I even begrudge paying the measly £4 I did for it!
      I sincerely wish David Walliams all the luck in the world of becoming a successful children's writer if that's what he wants to do. His name is the only thing selling these books though. They do not compare to the working of Roald Dahl or J.K Rowling and I despise the fact that The Times have compared these books to those of a great writer such as Roald Dahl. I have to question if the person who quoted so had even read these books? Who knows.
      Whoever said money can't buy you everything was lying. It can, it can get you books published when they have no place on the shelves next to those who really know how to relax and inspire children before bed or any other time of the day. Thankfully our next copy of Harry potter has arrived today and I thoroughly look forward to reading something that flows and helps get C off to sleep whilst keeping me entertained. Good Luck David, I think your going to need it!


  1. Wow I didn't even know Walliams had written a children's book! Definitely one to steer clear of though. I wonder what Ethan would think of me reading him an older book...might give it a try!

  2. Perhaps the grown ups will be the ones getting excited to buy this book! The children on the other hand will be the ones with unbiased opinions! They will soon let you know if it's rubbish! And there's me thinking it would be good!

  3. Wow, me neither Jules! I am surprised, I would have assumed it'd have to be half decent to get published at least... He is good on Britains Got Talent though!!

  4. I was excited, I spent my birthday money on the book :p.

    I love little Britain, come fly with me and the way he takes jokes about being camp on the nose. I thought his books would reflect his comical side but this one is a bit dull. Just my opinion! I'm thinking maybe I should read the second half to see if it gets any better?!