Thursday, 26 April 2012

Infertility Week 22nd-28th April

See that picture? Well that is one of my ovulation tests from last month (and yes I did thoroughly clean my keyboard after I realised that probably wasn't the best place to put it to take a picture). I have done hundreds of these tests over the years. The only time I have ever had what I would call a definite positive is the one I did when we conceived our last baby, whom I lost at 10 weeks in Sept 2010. Other than that they have always been 'almost' positive but not quite there! Frustrating to say the least but testing for your LH surge is a little trickier than a pregnancy test as its all about timing. It's a rather small window and I have tried every way described on the the Internet....I've still only ever had the one positive.
This month I have invested in a branded ovulation test kit that I had recommend to me by a friend. It's in some hope that it will be easier to read and hopefully give us a better indication to ovulation.
Neither Mr M nor I have any known fertility issues, we have after all conceived naturally together 4 times, it just doesn't always end in a healthy baby apart from C who was born Dec 09.
The only thing that doctors seem to think is holding us back is our weight. We are both overweight. Neither of us smoke or drink EVER and have no other health issues that could effect our fertility so it must just be the one to many Chinese's we've Eaten over the years!
This month we're cutting back on the sat fats, using what I hope is a more reliable ovulation predictor kit, taking our supplements and notching up a gear on the exercise!
My heart goes out to couples who go through the heartache of being told they cannot conceive naturally with each other for whatever reason. I have friends who have gone through IVF and other means of conceiving their much wanted babies. It's an emotional roller coaster on a whole other level to the one I go through each cycle, despite my previous losses.
Good look to everyone trying to conceive during infertility week and here after. I hope you get your much wanted babies soon.

Happy humping ;)


  1. This is all a bit personal so hope you don't mind me commenting like this - do you have any physical symptoms when you ovulate? Also do you save the sex for around this time or are you at it 3 x a week?

    1. Hi Natasha,

      I don't mind you asking at all :). We try to go for 3 times a week when we can but our luck seems to mean that Mr M seems to be on back to back shifts over the crucial time.

      I'm not sure of symptoms. I used to get deffinate symptoms but since my last miscarriage everything has changed. My cycles are long and unpredictable. Pains and other symptoms that used to be deffinate signs for me now happen for the last 3 weeks of my cycle (of 45-60 days) continuously. I'm not ready to give up hope yet though!


  2. wow that's a big cycle 45-60 days. I know when I ovulate as i get the egg whites thing - sorry men folk reading and is usually day 12/14. Well with the risk of sounding like some poncey agony aunt then I would suggest for a month maybe is to ditch all the tools and what not and get drunk every weekend and have a bit of fun. I would imagine (as no one has an idea unless they are going through the same thing) that this is all consuming and sex maybe becoming a bit functional. Can you get a babysitter and go out for the day as a couple and have a night away some where - have a break? And no don't give up hope - there's always hope xx

  3. Thankyou so much for your response. It's very rare I recieve positive support like this! My mum is taking C to Butlins for a week a bit later in the year so we'll have some time then. It was my birthday last week but we decided to wait to go out until sometime in May as there's a few good films out next month. So thankyou, I will try to relax and enjoy it.

    I have been noseying at your blog, it's fab, congrats on getting under the 12 stone mark. I would love to get under 20stone ASAP. I wish I had your will power. I will keep trying as especially as it should help us on the TTC front and perhaps perk up my confidence.


  4. No worries - I'm in the 12's not under it - that's my aim for my holiday in August - there's some pics on my weight loss to date. I got up to 18 st 5 whilst pregnant yikes went a bit mad on the cheese balls front. Would recommend the Wii dance 3 to start - great workout and good fun. 3 x normal meals a day no snacking just fruit - I'm determined not to join any clubs! x