Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Eco Egg Product Review!

       Finally getting to write up my review of my Eco Egg trial. I must have been using this for around a month now and I'm just loving this product. I, like many of you out there's have my doubts when it comes to Eco friendly products, will they work like what I'm used to? is it going to be more expensive? Does it really clean to the same level as it's chemical filled equivalent? Well in this instance YES, yes it really does.
      In my struggle to try to conceive I have considered many factors that might me getting in our way. My weight is a HUGE one (if you'll excuse the pun), but so is lifestyle and the things we use to clean our home can play a huge factor. The chemicals we breathe in and get absorbed through our skin, who to say they are not also playing a big part in this battle for baby no2?
      My search for products that would leave my my house clean but without the effects on my health like a radioactive chemical plant (No one, NO ONE will be taking my toilet bleach off me by the way so don't try it!) led me to this wonderful product. Well actually this particular search began after a lady mentioned it in a cloth nappy group I'm a part of...I googled immediately. Emailing the owner who sent one to me the very next day :O. I squealed when I got home to find my Eco Egg had been delivered whilst I was out.

And right to squeal I was:
Contents of the box.

Here is a picture of the contents in the box, looks scary but you don't use it all in one go.
I got it all open, took a few pics of course, put it together following the instruction, these newer models are very simple to open - No more 50p's needed. I got it all set up and got a wash straight on(I had already 'detoxed' my machine prior to its arrival) a normal wash at 40 degrees and all was well the with the world, then I had to try a 'daily wash' at 30 degrees just to test this product to the max.
Both times the laundry came out clean and fresh! I tumble dried it because of the bad weather but I loved how soft and fluffy everything was despite not using comfort even though we live in a REALLY hard water area!

The next day I had to step things up a notch. Do I purposefully gave C tomato soup from a well known brand which I know will stain anything that it comes into contact with. So there we are having our soup when I attack wipe C's mouth with one of his white vests.

Excuse it's crinklyness. but there is the self inflicted tomato soup stain that I created. I popped this in with a few other bits and the egg and washed on a daily (quick) wash at 30 degrees. Brave eh? Well here is the results.

Not bad eh? and the rest of that stain sunned right out. I think we can safely say that this product works just as great as any other product out there but its chemical free, doesn't cause C's eczema to flare up , also it is super cheap.

You can buy these eggs for just under £20. Don't pass out because that £20 egg is going to see you through 720 loads of washing- that's 3 YEARS worth of detergent for the average family doing 5 loads of washing a week saving you on average over £200. And the come in 3 fragrances, fragrance Free (fabulous for those, like my nan, who are sensitive to perfumes), Soft Cotton and Spring Blossom. They are also safe to use with your favourite fabric softener if you do like that strong perfume smell. Bonus!

These eggs could save you Lot's of £££'s and are so much better for the environment. Why not treat your family to one and see how much you can save whilst doing your bit to save the planet without even thinking about it. Eco egg Limited are also bringing out Dryer eggs soon. Cutting tumble drying time down by up to 28%. I cannot wait for these.


  1. I've been using an Eco Egg for a while on ALL of my washing including cloth nappies. It cleans brilliantly, and it's very handy to just leave in the drum of my washing machine. I would also recommend it to anyone!
    The only thing I would suggest is to buy one of the scented eggs that have been mentioned if you're used to a 'fresh' smell from your washing. The Fragrance free cleans just as well it's just I'm so used to that fresh clean smell that my brain is wired to associate that with my items being clean. I've obtained some scented balls to go in mine.

    1. Thankyou for your comment. Im glad you like your egg too and hope you enjoy usin the fragranced pellets for your washing.

  2. Do you find any problems with detergent build up in your nappies? Normally you use 1/3 of the amount of detergent to avoid build up that reduces absorbency. I have just got an ecoegg and the wash seems very soapy. I am a bit concerned that this may mean reduced absorbency in my nappies and that I'll have to strip wash them more regularly.
    How have you found it?

  3. the eco egg doesn't soap up like powder. did you detox your washing machine before starting to use your egg?. I would say the soap is either residue powder in your nappies or in your machine. No problem with detergent build up with the egg because it doesn't actually contain any :D. Hope this helps x