Monday, 4 June 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's back to work I go! :) AND GIVEAWAY!!!!!

OK so I have now been off work with the little one since I was 29 weeks pregnant! Money over the last couple of years has grown tighter and tighter especially as the the last couple of Christmases we have STUPIDLY put stuff on credit so's not to leave anyone out. This is not something I would recommend to anyone!

A few weeks back a lovely friend of mine sent me a handful of perfume samples to cheer me up! I have been using them. Thinking Oh these are lovely. Bet they are expensive, can't really ask her for more samples can I that's a bit sad, Don't really have a spare £30 lying around for perfume right now but how I wish I could stretch to something for hubby for Fathers day.

Well I emailed her telling him his favourite and did she have anything that may smell similar and how much would it be! I nearly fell ff my seat when she said that she DID have something that may smell similar and it was only £11.99 for a bottle.

I went on to email her and ask about what it was exactly that she sold. She went on to tell me about FM and everything they did and sold etc etc and asked if I would like join her team. I ummed and arrrd for Days. But on Sunday I went and took the plunge.

:D :D :D :D

Now here's the deal. I want to do something exclusively for my lovely blog members. Yes guys this offer coming up is Just for YOU and YOUR friends ONLY!!

To be entered into our draw for our a Gorgeous bottle of Bath Salts (RRP £6.80) in either Verbena, Peach, Cherry Blossom or Vanilla simply pop over to my new page and 'Like' it and 'share' one of my current offers 'publicly' (so i can see you've done it :D) and then pop back and comment below to let me know you've done it. Each 'like' and 'share' will get you 5 entries. Entries will close at midnight on the 29th June 2012 and I will do the Draw the next day!
This is open to UK mainland residents only. Please leave some way of contacting you!

Remember this is for Broody News readers only! So like the page and share a post but shhhhhh. xx

*update* I realised this morning not everyone has a bath! So if you win and would prefer a shower gel instead let me know :) x