Monday, 31 December 2012

My achievements in 2012.

         So my achievements for 2012. When I started thinking about this blog post I was in quite a negative frame of mind and it was all to easy to reel off what I had wanted to achieve but didn't such as losing weight and conceiving our second baby. But when I really sat and thought about I had achieved a few things.

These are: Getting married back in January to my partner of now 6.5 yrs.
                      I began my degree with the Open University in February and completed   and passed my first module (K101) giving me a certificate in Health and Social Care.
                      I learned to make my own Yorkshire Puddings!!!

So I did actually achieve something this year. :D. Its all to easy to think about the bad things that happened, things that didn't go to plan or things we said we're going to do this year but didn't. Perhaps before we head off to our new years eve plans tonight we should take 5 minutest think of everything we have achieved this year and give ourselves a pat on the back.

My new years resolutions post will follow later.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Did you have a good one? Ours was very busy. Mr M's Family is very big and it took nearly 3 hours to get round to visit everyone. Charlie was very overwhelmed by it all and opened a couple of presents at a time throughout the day. By the time we went to the in-laws for tea he was getting the hang of it all.

Charlie received a new bike from Santa as well as clothes books and a bucket of dinosaurs. I was lucky enough to receive a new kindle fire, which I happen to be writing this blog post on ;), and a video camera. So hopefully 2013 will have a few ' vlogs' as well as the usual blog posts. Hubby received and American food hamper (pictured top right) as well as socks and various other bits and Bob's.

Charlie did us proud though with trying to remind everyone that it was in fact Jesus' s birthday and we needed to have cake to celebrate.

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and so wish you all the happiest of new years. xxxr

Monday, 17 December 2012

Win a £5 love to shop voucher!

My little mischief maker!
OK so if you read my last blog post you'll know we're having issues. Especially with my husbands 'anti toys in the living room' attitude, which, I am learning to accept and may even beginning to agree with. The way it is at the moment is a bit depressing and it would be nicer if in the evening the toys weren't 'on show'.

So this Giveaway is just a quick one, the voucher is being provided by myself and it couldn't be easier to enter!

All you have to do is either comment here with a link to your favourite storage solution or post a pic on my facebook wall of what your Toy storage looks like in your home.

See, easy, and who couldn't do without an extra £5 this time of year?


The giveaway will close at 9.30am (UK time) on Thursday 20th December.
It is open to UK residents only.
Up to 3 entries per person allowed.
The voucher will be posted 1st class on Thursday.

Good luck everyone x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

and the winner is.......

Is everyone getting into the xmas sprit....and shopping? I am, Im expecting hubby's to be delivered today infact.
I have found it sooooo hard to choose gifts this year. Even for Charlie. He asked for a bike. So santas bringing him a bike but I have bought a few other bits I think he will like ;).

Anywho, we could all do with a bit of extra cash over Christmas couldn't we? And £10 to put towards new fluff is helpful is it not? has chosen a winner.....

Amy Louise T

If anyone knows Amy in real life or from a group please do give her a nudge and let her know. Amy please contact Tiny Nippers via email who are looking forward to giving you your code. You have 14 days to claim your prize before it gets redrawn. Hope you enjoy spending your prize.

Have a fab weekend everybody. Do keep your eye out for more giveaways :D