Monday, 30 April 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful ~ Week #1

Keeping it Old School!

This is my first time joining in #R2BC. After seeing it tweeted and blogged about previously I never really thought about doing it myself, just that it was nice all these mummies had so much to be cheerful about.

Well I am taking the plunge and joining in Mummy from the Heart 's quest to spread the positivity around.

As my TTC journey continues on into month 20 I find myself often consumed by the negativity and sadness I come across during this time that I forget to look at all the R2BC around me. Although I join in and act as happy as I can around my family so they don't have to know the heartache I feel inside everyday, I don't really take everything in. C has made so many acomplishments lately and they are kinda just passing me by. This has got to STOP!

So my reasons for being cheerful during this week are

  1. I handed in my second essay for my Uni course, I felt great and got to enjoy my 23rd birthday without an essay hanging over my head!
  2. C's speach is just amazing now. We can have proper conversations and he just cracks us up.
  3. Mr M and Ireached the 3 months married milestone. It's flown by. Won't be long before we have been married a year :D
So, if these count, these are my 3 reasons for being cheerful. :D

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Infertility Week 22nd-28th April

See that picture? Well that is one of my ovulation tests from last month (and yes I did thoroughly clean my keyboard after I realised that probably wasn't the best place to put it to take a picture). I have done hundreds of these tests over the years. The only time I have ever had what I would call a definite positive is the one I did when we conceived our last baby, whom I lost at 10 weeks in Sept 2010. Other than that they have always been 'almost' positive but not quite there! Frustrating to say the least but testing for your LH surge is a little trickier than a pregnancy test as its all about timing. It's a rather small window and I have tried every way described on the the Internet....I've still only ever had the one positive.
This month I have invested in a branded ovulation test kit that I had recommend to me by a friend. It's in some hope that it will be easier to read and hopefully give us a better indication to ovulation.
Neither Mr M nor I have any known fertility issues, we have after all conceived naturally together 4 times, it just doesn't always end in a healthy baby apart from C who was born Dec 09.
The only thing that doctors seem to think is holding us back is our weight. We are both overweight. Neither of us smoke or drink EVER and have no other health issues that could effect our fertility so it must just be the one to many Chinese's we've Eaten over the years!
This month we're cutting back on the sat fats, using what I hope is a more reliable ovulation predictor kit, taking our supplements and notching up a gear on the exercise!
My heart goes out to couples who go through the heartache of being told they cannot conceive naturally with each other for whatever reason. I have friends who have gone through IVF and other means of conceiving their much wanted babies. It's an emotional roller coaster on a whole other level to the one I go through each cycle, despite my previous losses.
Good look to everyone trying to conceive during infertility week and here after. I hope you get your much wanted babies soon.

Happy humping ;)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bedtime Stories -David Walliams should stick to Comedy!

        Little C has bed shared with me practically since birth.
         By the time C was about 14 months old we decided we should take the sides off his cot bed and try him in that - even if he just stayed there for a couple of hours in the evening so we could have a bit of 'couple' time again it would be a bonus. IT WORKED!!
        We took his cot into his room (It had been up against our bed for many months with one side off up until this point so that Mr M could sleep with us if he wanted to), we took the other side off and pushed it us against the wall. We put a little Ikea sofa up against the head of his bed so that I could sit with him until he fell asleep. It didn't take long for him to get used to it. In fact we cracked it on the first night. I basically read him a story, a Disney one if I remember rightly, and he went off to sleep. Until this day 99% f the time this is where he sleeps from 7pm until 10-11pm when I take him into bed with me. Some night we have several waking in that time, sometimes we have none. Either way reading him to sleep has worked wonders for us and given Mr M and i a bit of time back to ourselves.
         At first I started with Disney books but after a while they got boring. and turning the page whilst holding a book and a light one handed (C holds my hand to fall asleep. Always has done, I'm like his own human comforter.) is a little tricky so i decided to progress onto longer books with more than 6 words to a page. This has worked wonders for us. I have read to him the entire works of Roald Dahl and recently read to him the first Harry Potter book. All went down a storm. Until a couple of nights ago when I started to read to him Mr Stink by David Walliams. It is awful. I think so, C definitely thinks so and I'm not sure Mr M thinks much of it either since C has played up so much since I started reading it we simply haven't seen each other the last couple of night.
       David Walliams is no writer, not for children's books at least. The inconsistent storyline, the boring language with it's occasional 'big word' thrown in for good measure make for a dull and frustrating read. Do not be disillusioned by the fact he has been lucky enough to rope in Quentin Blake - David is No Roald Dahl. Not by a long shot. Normally C finds story time soothing and is asleep within 20 minutes. Not last night the night before over an hour of him bouncing on the bed cross legged asking to go back downstairs, I gave up and went back to to reading the Harry Potter we had already finished the night before - 10 minutes later he was fast asleep. Last night Over an hour and a half after bedtime he was still bouncing cross legged on the bed, saying ''no more story now'' and Mr M took over with Harry Potter, again 10 minutes later it was asleep.
       I have no idea what it is about the book he doesn't like! He's two so it's not like he can tell me just yet but I think it has a lot to do with the stopping and starting. I find myself having to retrace my steps and reading back a page because there just does not seem to be any logical plot developing. There's no excitement, just drivel. It's downright boring and not a pleasure to read at all. In fact I even begrudge paying the measly £4 I did for it!
      I sincerely wish David Walliams all the luck in the world of becoming a successful children's writer if that's what he wants to do. His name is the only thing selling these books though. They do not compare to the working of Roald Dahl or J.K Rowling and I despise the fact that The Times have compared these books to those of a great writer such as Roald Dahl. I have to question if the person who quoted so had even read these books? Who knows.
      Whoever said money can't buy you everything was lying. It can, it can get you books published when they have no place on the shelves next to those who really know how to relax and inspire children before bed or any other time of the day. Thankfully our next copy of Harry potter has arrived today and I thoroughly look forward to reading something that flows and helps get C off to sleep whilst keeping me entertained. Good Luck David, I think your going to need it!

Getting costs down!

I do not even know where to start with this one.

     Last week we received our Gas and Electricity statement for the last 12 months. I nearly fainted to see that each month every month for the last year we have spent just over £50 a month on each. £1,234.80 for both combined. Now
     I expect, realistically, that this isn't THAT much but for a family of 3 on a tight budget it is quite alot! I know that I use my tumble dryer far to much, have the heating when I feel like it and am just generally a bit slack on trying to keep costs down.
      I am now making it my mission to cut this bill by about £250 across the next year. By this time next year I would like to see that we have topped up our meters with less than £1000. It's a big jump. But I think if I am clever I can do it! So lots of things I need to try out.

  • I already use energy saving light bulbs. We just need to keep the light off when we don't need them.
  • Use the tumble dryer ALOT less.
  • Stop doing washing in the evening. I often do a load in the evening. It washes and I'm so wrapped up in uni work or watching the soaps (I know, terrible person) I often forget to take it out to dry. This usually means me re-washing it in the morning wasting electricity, water and detergents.
  • I do the same with the kettle. I switch it on, get distracted and often forget I ever wanted a hot drink.
  • Showering quicker. May have to consider shaving my legs the old fashioned towel on the floor/sink with water - kind of way. I expect over the course of the year this will save a bit on Electricity, gas and water as it will cut down my showering time by a minute or two.
I am sure there are lots of other ways I could save money on my utility bills. If you have any hints and tips feel free to comment below.

Friday, 20 April 2012

And the winner is...............

Such a busy week for all cloth nappy businesses this week! Lots of sharing with friends and spreading the word of how easy it can be to get started and use cloth nappies saving you lot's of pennies and hopefully the environment in the long run.

Did you grab any bargains this week? Lots of fluffy post being hidden from husbands I presume? Oh yes I am amongst you aswell don't you worry I can keep a secret ;)

Anyway........There were ALOT of entries and for some reason I decided to write out a list of numbers and write everyones name next to them.........I think next time I may type it. Ouchies.

The winner of the gorgeous snap in in a colour of your choice is..............

Rhiannon Turner

Well done to you :D. Please email and let them know we sent you to choose your snap in and of course let them know your postal address.

There are still lots f nappy offers going on so do not despair. The Snap ins are currently 20% off so visit and take advantage now!

Monday, 16 April 2012

#RNW2012 FREE Tiny Nippers Snap In Competition!

Not so long ago we gave away a Tiny Nippers Snap In Nappy in a gorgeous Lime Green colour.

This week is Real Nappy Week and Tiny Nippers have Kindly said we can give away another Snap In in YOUR choice of colour (So long as that colour is still in stock).

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

Tiny Nippers have just launched a brand new range of affordable pocket nappies which we helped them name. What is the name of this new range?

You can find the answer by reading our previous blog post or popping over to the Tiny Nippers Facebook page and having a little nosey!

You can also gain extra entries by following this blog, liking our Facebook page, tweeting us @BroodyNews and also by sharing this competition on your Facebook page or by tweeting it. Each of these will give you one extra entry.

Please comment leaving your answer and letting us know what 'extras' you did. You do not need a google account to do this you can do this anonymously but please do leave a name!

The Competition will close on Friday the 20th of April and drawn using as soon after 7pm as possible.

Don't miss out on all the lovely offers that Tiny Nippers have to offer During Real Nappy Week including 20% off snap in nappies and other nappies starting from £3.50! As well as gorgeous accessories.

Please Note although Tiny Nippers Post all ver the world this competition is open to UK residents ONLY

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Are you ready for real nappy week?

Real Nappy Week starts tomorrow and I'm very excited about it.
It's the week in the year when starting out in cloth or adding to your stash becomes even more affordable. Everywhere you can get cloth nappies has discounts and giveaways in this week dedicated to the fluff!

We will be hosting our own giveaway courtesy of the wonderful owners of Tiny Nippers, we will be giving away. 1 of their wonderfully fluffy snap in nappies. Also available with 20% off during #RNW2012.
This week has already seen the launch of Tiny Nippers 'tabbies' range (which we gave a little help in choosing) and I for one will be keeping an eye on their Facebook page to see what other discounts and possible giveaways they might have up their sleeve!

Keep popping back so you don't miss out in our giveaway!

Happy fluffy shopping :D

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nappy of the Month....April

        I got to try out a couple of lovely nappies this month, making it really hard to choose a winner for this month but the winner for this month REALLY genuinely deserves the crown. Little C and I were given the opportunity to test out a nappy we had never ever tried out before. A Grovia - Hybrid AI2 (All in 2). These nappies are AMAZING beyong works for their ease of use, reliability, fit and containment.
We got off to quite a slow start as C decided to poop in his new Grovia minutes after having it on the first few times of wear. I took this as a seal of approval.
        The Hybrid is made of of a Shell and interchangeable inserts which snap in and out allowing you to use the shell for more than one change so long as it isn't wet or soiled. Here is the inside of a Grovia:-

This fit my 27 month old really well despite him having just gone over the other end of the weight range! This really impressed me along with it's ability to cope with anything including having tomato soup spilt on it during lunch - thankfully it washed right out. It has a lovely fit around the legs and also goes down really small so there's a chance you could use these in hospital straight after having your baby using the compostable bio liners you can also get to use in the shells - yes Grovia have seriously thought of EVERYTHING when making these. Right down to having laundry tabs on the aplix range.
Key Tests: Washing - Wash at 40 for Shells and 40 or 60 degrees for the soakers
                  Drying time- Airer - Shells 60-90 minutes Soakers Overnight/ 16-18 hours
                                         By radiator - (Soakers) Overnight/ 12-14 hours
                                         Line Drying -(Soakers) Out in sunshine for appx 8 hours.                                           Tumble Drying - 50- 70 mins on low with 10 mins on high at start.

                   Absorbency- Excellent. Once washed to full absorbancy they had no trouble with 3 hours
                   Pooplosion containment - Excellent.
                   Fit -  Great fit on C. Tall 27 month old with smallish waist and chunky thighs.

This gorgeous Nappy was given to us to test by Flush and Wash Nappies who are excellent. They have a great range of nappies all tried and tested by their very own little boy and great customer service. Cannot fault them (I have gone on to purchase from them since they gave me a Grovia to test). You can find out more about Flush and Wash and Grovia by visiting their website or finding them on Facebook.

Congratulations To Flush and Wash and thankyou so much for allowing us to review a nappy for you. You have been bumped to the top of out Favourite shops on the right hand side of the blog for the rest of April :D.

Studies going well...TTC not so good!

Well this past few weeks has been really busy with one thing or another. One of those things being the completion of my very first essay for my Open University course and this week I received the result.....drum roll please..... I got a Whopping 70% otherwise known as a pass 2. Not to shabby for someone not to good with academic stuff.

So that's a highlight of my month. The TTC front is not so full of sunshine. 19 months in I am going to have to do something drastic to change things. Hubby had a sperm test done.....he has very happy healthy sperm. So now I require testing but have to wait for a new cycle to start!

In the meantime we've had the usual you have to lose weight get your BMI under 35 for help if it turns out you need it blah blah. Which is easier said then done. But we're going to have to face it at some point. If life was easy it would be boring right?