Saturday, 14 December 2013

WIN: 101 Dalmatians DVD: superfast christmas giveaway!

Fancy winning a brand new copy of 101 Dalmatians to add to your little ones Disney collection?

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Open to Mainland UK Only.
Winner will be chosen at random on Monday 16th December 2013 at 9pm
The DVD will be posted 1st Class recorded Tuesday 17th December 2013. If you  are not home to sign it will be at your local delivery office.
This giveaway away is in no way associated with Anybody.
I cannot take respinsibility for prizes lost/damaged during transit. Im sending it signed for in a hope to avoid any issues.

Good luck everyone. Dont forget to share with your friends ;)

Friday, 13 December 2013

PCOS: Cycle 1 2014: What are we trying this cycle?

Entering our 4th year of TTC baby no2 and, well, ive given up hope but I'm still not ready to give up trying and yes I know that makes no sense.

Reasons for giving up hope are, hubby and I literally get no time together. Our 4 year old still sleeps with me and has stopped sleeping 7pm -11pm recently which used to be our bit of time together (when he wasnt on lates or sleep ins) but now C is up and down like a yo yo and some nights I wonder why I even bothered climbing the stairs to bed. The lack of sleep and our 8 hours of 'us' time a week seems to have left us bickering worse than ever and we are really good bickerers ;) (is that even a word?).
The other reason is probably clear from the picture in this post. I had just 3 complete cycles in 2013. Just 3 chances to conceive the precious bundle I so desperately long for. 

The first cycle of 2014, because of their longevity, began of the 1st Dec 2013. This cycle im taking the usual Sanatogen mum to be and mumomega and hubby is continuing his wellman reproduction. But this cycle I am also taking inositol which seems to becoming a popular product in the PCOS community and you can read more about it here. I will also Finally be using the kit that was sent to me by the fine people at Zestica.

Today is CD13 so I still have a long way to go going by this years cycles. 
Who knows what 2014 will bring.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Where HAVE you been?

If you have ever seen Harry Potter you can probably remember Mrs Weasly screeching that when Ron, Fred and George came back from rescuing Harry in the second film.

So where HAVE I been?

I believe I left you a little stranded just before our appointment with the fertility consultant and life just kind of took over and the blog has been abandened.

Well it turned out I do in fact have PCOS. I know I was a bit peeved after being told I didnt have it but never mind. Hubby is a ok though so I guess thats something. We've been discharged though until I have lost weight. No real guidence or support just "lose weight and if no luck in 12 months come back".


I did feel good on the day but since then I feel like I have kinda been left t to swim in a lake of black tar. I feel completely alone. Stupid I know.
I did join a couple if PCOS groups on facebook but thr women are so low, practically suicidal from all the symptoms and the no luck conceiving. I feel so awful for them. Im so lucky to have just one child. But this longing- I just cannot seem to shift it.

What else has happened? Well C turned the big 4 today. Cannot believe he will be starting school in 9 months. 

I think thats all for now. I do have giveaways and reviews to sort out but I think I may leave them until the new year now. Something for you all to luck forward too. ;)