Friday, 23 November 2012

Mumma and selfish as you get!!!

Of all the crazy contraptions I have ever seen this has got to have topped them all!

This 'product' has been designed by a woman - I would say mother but Im not sure she deserves the title- because she wanted a way of being able to do her hair and make up whilst her baby fed itself near by.

For someone longing for more babies, I find it incredibly sad to read about a 'product' that takes away a crucial part of the bonding process. If you choose or have to bottle feed taking 15 mins  minutes out a few times a day is surely no hardship?
I combined fed Charlie and i miss feeding cuddles ALOT. He drinks out of a cup now and has since we took his bottles away at 2. I miss the cuddles and warmth and eye contact. they grow up so so quickly :'(

It doesnt just take away from the bonding but is, from what I can see an incredible choking hazard and what about winding? And is this 'mother' actually watching the baby? Whats to stop her from jumping in the shower? popping to answer the door? running to answer the door. Something terrible could happen in those few seconds :'( It really doesn't bear thinking about.

If I get chance to find out more and follow up I will. I would live to hear your opinions for and against this thing.


  1. Oh dear.

    These product "designers" really aren't keen on their babies are they? Their products seem to be designed to minimise physical contact.

    It looks like some sort of medieval torture device. Horrid.

    The "Flexible Arm & Bottle Holder" concept also looks particularly nasty. A little akin to a rabbit water bottle attached to a cage. and I'm not too sure about that baby bag thingy either.

    I love feeding my baby, it's not inconvenient at all!

  2. This is quite a strange contraption. I bottle feed my daughter and love the closeness of feeding her, although now she won't sit still for long as she is drinking from a beaker instead of a bottle. Some people invent strange things don't they!