Sunday, 30 September 2012

Little Chef, Redundancy and First Year Exams

It's been an horrific few weeks since we got back from our trip to Butlins. I was really ill with acute tonsillitis which I am still suffering with now, heading into week 4! I have been "trying" to revise for my K101 Open University exam which seems near in impossible when it depends on everything and you could be asked ANYTHING from the 9 months work you've done previous.
Not only this but a few days after we got back hubby receives a letter from his HR department (or rather what's left of it!) summoning him to a meeting - which turned out would infact hold all members of staff from his site. They got told that the site was unprofitable. Well duh! I could have told them that 4 years ago when I worked there, the place was in desperate need of a revamp and catch up with the times, but it would appear Little Chef are as scared of change as my husband. So they feel it's easier to just rip everyone of their income and bulldoze the site , literally leaving families with no way to butter their bread.

Try as he might my hubby didn't manage to find another job before his week left at Little Chef was up. He has spent the last 8/9 years working his way up the company, doing stuff he didn't get paid for, to try to impress and be given better prospects by a company that would soon stab him in the back. He has been left a little solemn at the prospect of having to start at the bottom again after years of hard work and working 60 hour weeks that he didn't get paid for because, let's face it, Little Chef have been struggling for years and even a Celebrity (?) Chef couldn't bring them back from their pre war state.
Despite his current "depression" over his loss and despite the fact we've been left up a creek where finances are concerned, his family and I are secretly glad this has happened as he now has the opportunity to find something he loves within a company which will appreciate his efforts and willingness to work harder than most to get to the top.
So as of tomorrow he is going to be around quite a bit. So think we'll be taking the opportunity to gut the house and for me to get some extra revision done. I'll let you know what it's like having him home full time in my next blog post.

PS. This also means that TTC has had to temporarily be put on the back burner. Perhaps this is the bit that's upsetting me most ;). It was also 2 years since my last miscarraige on Wednesday which was a particularly hard day. But onwards and upwards. Wish me luck in passing my exam in the 16th October and maybe I can go back to work instead.....something to think about.....

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