Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I OVULATED!!!! (I think) - TTC, current cycle.

This cycle is going rather well, well compared to normal anyways. For a start I'VE OVUATED. For definate. I think for definate. 

Last Friday marked 3 years since I last got a BFP. Progressively over the week my ovulation tests had gotten darker and darker and then Friday (26th July 2013) the test line became darker then the control line and I sobbed. Happy sobs but sobbed all the same.  

For several cycles now my ovulation tests have never gotten quite dark enough to be called 'positive'  so my excitement led me to try a digital test. My heart was pounding whilst it was 'reading' my test I actually thought it was going to fall out of my chest. And then.... The smiley face came (see pic at end of post). 

I thought I was going to faint. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited and then a bit gutted as hubby was on a sleep in, he's a support worker and does the occasional 23 hour shift of which he happened to be on that night. 

All was not lost though and I can assure you, my dear readers that we have done everything we can to 'try' this weekend. Including using pre seed for the first time.   I will do a review on this at some point. 

Last but not least these positive ovulation tests happened on cycle day 40. My last cycle was a whopping 128 days so I'm relieved at this happening now meaning this cycle should be over one way or another in 2 weeks time. 

So happy right now I can't tell you. Please keep everything crossed for me, pray for me of you believe in god. Send your bucket load of baby dust it would make my millennium if this was my time.  I'll let you know.  ;) 


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    1. Thankyoooooou. Fingers crossed it means we'll get some luck soon x

    Good luck!

  3. Everything crossed for you!! Lots of baby dust flying your way x

    1. Thank you, all baby dust is very welcome and gratefully received x