Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Are ready meals taking over our lives?

   I find it crazy to think that if my Great, Great Grandmother was alive now she wouldn't recognise half of the food we eat today. We're living in a world now where we're looking more for convenience and forgetting about our health. A £2 pizza and a £1.47 bag of oven chips that can cook in less than 20 minutes over a chicken, potatoes and vegetables that not only take time to prepare but can take anything up to 2 hours to cook and costs more towards the £7 mark seems so much more appealing both financially and  time wise in our current time poor money even poorer (I know, no extra marks for good English here!) lives.

   I love a Sunday roast as much as anyone. But the preparation, the time, and even the cost sometimes can put me off a little. Then there's the mountain of washing up, which hubby does most of the time, but it just fills me with dread. 3 hours of my day when I have a child, studying, cleaning and numerous other things to deal with...... that pizza looks incredibly appealing right now right?

   Despite the fact I am overweight, trying for a baby, tired all the time and no one would look at me and think 'well she's radiant and looks fantastic she must eat well' it doesn't stop me from taking shortcuts with food.............................90% of the time! I always  make sure Charlie eats well. There is always fruit for him etc but when it comes to me (and hubby when he's here) I just seem to have completely lost my passion for good food. Despite my now size 26, miserable, painful, aching frame convenience seems to win hands down more often then I care to account for.

Then I saw this. Ignoring the fact its in the Daily mail  I was just stunned. They can literally make ANYTHING into a 'ready' meal. This product is the icing on the cake for me. Although commuters and those who take an early breakfast at there office desk seem to approve of this 'ready made boiled egg' it does seem to have created quite a store amongst the majority. This product begs the question, how far is to far when it comes to convenience foods? Has this company gone and taken the last innocent food left in the world and made it into something that will make us feel like we've been naughty after we've consumed it. A bit like a cottage pie from the freezer aisle? or are those that are disgusted with the product just a little neurotic and have to much time on there hands if they have time to worry about something like a ready made egg? Needless to say the eco warriors of the world are not to happy about the product either.

Personally I think we need to find a way to go back to basics. Food is out of control. You can quite literally buy anything processed and modified in some way these days, generally full of preservatives and nasties now. The egg isn't even safe from greedy manufacturers grubby money grabbing hands.

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  1. Oh my goodness... when I thought it couldn't get any worse!

    I agree with you, things are out of hand, and if convenience food wasn't so readily available, we would have a greater choice of healthy food.

    I don't drink often or smoke, however why are these so heavily taxed, and yet you can go into many of the large supermarkets and pick up pizza's etc. for no more than a quid!

    Let's go back to grandmothers cookbook!