Monday, 31 December 2012

My achievements in 2012.

         So my achievements for 2012. When I started thinking about this blog post I was in quite a negative frame of mind and it was all to easy to reel off what I had wanted to achieve but didn't such as losing weight and conceiving our second baby. But when I really sat and thought about I had achieved a few things.

These are: Getting married back in January to my partner of now 6.5 yrs.
                      I began my degree with the Open University in February and completed   and passed my first module (K101) giving me a certificate in Health and Social Care.
                      I learned to make my own Yorkshire Puddings!!!

So I did actually achieve something this year. :D. Its all to easy to think about the bad things that happened, things that didn't go to plan or things we said we're going to do this year but didn't. Perhaps before we head off to our new years eve plans tonight we should take 5 minutest think of everything we have achieved this year and give ourselves a pat on the back.

My new years resolutions post will follow later.

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