Sunday, 20 May 2012

"It's Orange Week!" using code names takes off pressure?

We have been TTC now since Sept '10. You know if you've been reading my blog so far it's been quite a challenge involving lots of tears and struggles but this month, something is a little different.
Where trying for a baby is concerned things seem a little more relaxed and Mr M certainly seems a little more 'up for it' this cycle.
Conversations about trying have slowed down almost to a holt and I try not to say anything unless he brings it up. Which he does.....ocassionaly.
I use this APP on my iPod called My Monthly Cycles which I have been using this year to help me keep track since my cycles can vary in length but this month it's really come in handy.
      On Saturday it dawned on me that Ovulation wasn't far away and as I had ran out of OPKs (ovulation predictor kit) I needed a way of telling Mr M that we needed to up our game without causing him to him to think 'oh no, I have an exhausting week of pressure ahead of me'. So on Saturday (last week not yesterday) I simply said to him "it's Orange week next week", I had the app open on the homepage, he took it off me, nodded and so the past week we've been 'active' without the usual pressures!
       As of today we're in the 2 week wait! So do wish us luck. Obviously I will keep you updated. Feel free to share you TTC journeys with us below if you have something to share you feel may help all those trying for long awaited babies all over the world :)


  1. I wish you all the luck in the world! lets hope this "orange" week turns into a "yellow" nine months :) x