Friday, 11 May 2012

Nappy of The Month....May

I had 2 Nappies sent to me this month but this one I bought for myself. This is the Bambino Mio Mio Solo and what a wonderful step up from their equally wonderful 2 part system the Mio Solo is.

I have a box of the part part system in my attic (I must have about 30 prefolds. woops) awaiting the conception and arrival of baby number 2 but for C, now he is bigger and potty training these Mio Solo nappies are just perfect for him. He has grown out of many of his one size nappies now but the Mio Solo still has lots of room and doesn't leave marks on his hips as it is done up with velcro rather than snaps. I love popper/snaps but am re falling in love with aplix/velcro fastening too. So much choice you can't go wrong.

So this is how the nappy held up for us.
Key Tests: Washing - Wash at 40 with your other nappies.
                  Drying time- Airier - 14 hours/overnight
                                         By radiator - 10 hours tops.
                                         Line Drying - Not tested.
Absorbency- Great after just 1 wash. I used with 1 bamboo booster and no problems at all. Doesn't require lots of pre washing saving lots of pennies.
                   Pooplosion containment - brilliant. I used this with a Bambino Mio paper liner and it was really easy to deal with the mess when C was a little under the weather.
                   Fit -  I actually can't fault it at the moment. For older toddlers I am going to say its perfect. I look forward to trying it out on an infant hopefully in the not to distant future!

Something else I loved about the nappy was this little flap you can see in the picture. I have never seen it in an all in one before and it made putting boosters in a breeze. The Mio Solo really is a fabulous addition to the Bambino Mio range. I wish I had more of these. I really do. You can try them out for yourself by purchasing them here.

Have you entered the Bambino Mio Big One five competition celebrating their 15th Birthday? Well get over to their Facebook page and join in the prizes are AMAZING!

Pic of prizes for the big 15 comp on Bambino Mio Facebook page!

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