Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Somewhere I've lost 2.5lb!

     You may remember my second measly attempt at slimming world of the year a couple of weeks back.
     Well it all went to pot after the first day when C spent a week in and out of Hospital with suspected Norovirus. Ugh. Anyway, somewhere in the last couple of weeks I have managed to lose 2.5lbs without trying. I only weighed myself to see if I had crept up to 21 stone yet but, thank the lord, I haven't! Yet.
     I do still weigh in at a very hefty/unhealthy 20st 6.5lbs though/ 9 stone over weight and feeling it. I figured if I could just tweak a few things about my diet then maybe this could continue and maybe I could finally start looking forward to a bit more positivity in my life. A baby? Maybe the confidence to go back to work? Make new friends? We'll see. Getting a little ahead of myself now.
    My biggest issue is my inability to make new eating habits a part of my lifestyle. Especially when i am having a down day and struggling to keep C entertained as Suger, caffeine and fizzy drinks helps me through to the end of the day.
    I have figured out though that both my figure and my mental health would benefit from some light, frequent, exercise so I am making a pledge that 3 times a week i go for a walk, on my own so I'm not stopping every few steps to deal with a tantrum or 3 - this isn't constructive exercise. Not the kind I need anyway. I need something to get my heart rate up. Pounding the pavement is quite literally what I need. This I shall start tomorrow. Lord give me the strength and energy to get through Day 1 ;)

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  1. Good luck and well done on the weight loss - it all counts. Cut out the fizzy shit though! Even if its diet its proven to make you crave sugar and sugar is your enemy number 1. Did you know that it also strips the enanmel off your teeth giving you ticking time bomb for fillings
    http://the1970sdiet.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/get-busy-with-fizzy.html I wrote this a while back about it ! x