Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pot Of Dreams - Saving for BUTLINS!! :D

       After all the tests and doctors appointments and struggling with trying to conceive the last few months and the ups and downs of hubby's redundancy and beginning his new job I was distraught gutted when he said we wouldn't be taking our annual trip to Butlins this year. I do completely understand though. He's doing his dream job now but with that came a slash in wages and a change in lifestyle but I said to him I would definitely like to go next year.
       So we will hopefully. Although we normally go September time Charlie will be starting 'proper' school next year so we have decided to aim for July 2014 instead.

picture taken from ebay listing that I bought from.

Paying for the holiday itself isn't necessarily the biggest issue though. You can pay for the holiday by paying a deposit and then smaller instalments, which is how we will do it. It's the spending money! We self cater, plus we love playing in the arcade. We always spend a day out in Minehead's town and have a nice lunch and get a few things to take home with us. So John will pay for the holiday - my mission is to raise the cash for spending money. I've bought a 'pot of dreams'from ebay and I'm going to put a bit into it each month and also sell some things on local selling pages and pop the money straight into it. It soon adds up.

       Last year the in-laws came down for the day but next year they will be coming for the whole holiday! Charlie cannot wait. He remembers billy and cannot wait to go on the big slide in Bob's yard. Last year he was poorly whilst we were there so we didn't get to do anything in the evening so I hope we get more time to see the entertainment next yer. I've popped a couple of photo's below of Charlie at Butlins last year :D.

ROLL ON 2014. It's going to be a good year :D.
Charlie having his picture taken with Barney 2012 (we had the professional shot made into a keyring :D)

Charlie and Billy, Billy got into trouble just after this picture was taken as you aren't supposed to take pictures with the characters. Woopsies. We didn't know but we do now! Sorry Billy x


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