Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Advent Calendars

          I loved advent Calendar when I was a child. I would be luck if mine actually made it to Christmas with a little sister intent on eating everyone's! So glad she's grown out of that!

         This year we'll probably be sticking with a chocolate calender. It's the first year that Charlie has shown any interest in all things christmassy. But chocolate ones are not the only ones on the market.......

The Budget Calendar

Ahhhh Kinnerton. The provider of Advent Calenders for the most modest of Budgets available in a variety of character themes for just £1.50. This one in particular I spotted in Asda. Now whilst the character themes are great and they obviously appeal to children the chocolate is just awful! We let Charlie have a Thomas the Tank Engine version last year but he was interested so I thought I'd help him eat the calender. We got to Christmas day with 15 chocolates still in it because it was just....well lets say not the nicest I have tried!! So this year we'll be steering away from this particular brand but if you are on a small budget it is and ideal calender price wise.

The Cadbury Advent Calender
This is a very modest pricing of just £2, available in most supermarkets
including Sainbury's. Cadbury's makes amazing milk chocolate in my opinion.  I love their calenders and It is the one I usually go for.
Yes even at 23 I still have an advent Calender. What can I say I love Christmas. It's my favourite time of the year. And Cadbury's, for me, makes it! I love that Santa is usually the main feature and I love that the chocolate is as amazing as it always is. And the plastic tray inside can be used to make painted Christmas decorations or you own christmassy chocolate treats., this year I'll be keeping  mine to use for crafty things to do with Charlie next year.
Slightly More Cash......?  
Thornton's! Who doesn't love Thornton's?  Well I do, but given our current mission to pay off our debt and conceive another baby hubby said no to a personalised Thorn tons Calender this year but maybe next? Who knows? This particular one pictured was £5.99 when I originally sore it however i can no longer see it on their site but they may have it instore? They have others starting at £3.99. If nothing else you know alot of love has gone into making this chocolate. Thornton;s love what they do!

I wish I had enough cash for......!
I wish wish wish I had enough cash for this particular Advent Calendar. It's the ultimate in luxury way to countdown to Christmas...In my opinion. It's the Liz Earle 24 Days of Christmas Calendar. *Drools*. If only. If you do happen to have £100 lying around and fancy treating yourself or a loved one I highly recommend Liz Earle products. There are lots of Gift ideas on their website and it is one of the nicest skincare ranges I had the privilege of using.....when I worked full time ;). My mum usually gets me a mini kit for Christmas and I spend most of the day sniffing the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Of all the natural products I have tried Liz Earle comes out on top!. Maybe one day I'll do a blog post just about these gorgeous products.   

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