Sunday, 28 October 2012

Catch up with Charlie.

Well just before half term Charlie got struck down with the dreaded tonsillitis :(. It landed him in hospital and was an awful experience, especially for him.

He is much better now which is great and meant we got to do a few things holiday. He's at an age now where he is very bossy ;) and likes to be on the go constantly.

So this week we have done his favourite activity of going to feed the ducks several times, and we also have done lots of arts and crafts but I think his favourite activity was baking and decorating cakes for nanny.

He's going to be 3 in December! I cannot believe it, the last 3 years have flown by. You'll be seeing more of him over the next few weeks as we attempt to potty train (again! Oh the joys of regression) and wean him off his beloved dummies so they are not in his mouth constantly- just bedtime. Or maybe Santa will take them away for good? Who knows!

See you soon

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