Monday, 5 August 2013

Our Butlins excitement.

     I applied to be a Butlins Ambassador this year. It was a long shot and I knew that. My blog is fairly new compared to other fantastic bloggers out there and my lack of Facebook likers and twitter follower numbers didn't stead in my favour,  but still when I got my 'rejection' email I was a little disappointed.

     My mum came by yesterday with a surprise up her sleeve. It's been a hard year in lots of ways, ways we don't talk about to anybody, but my mum declared that she wanted to pay for a break for us to give us something to look forward too, a 3 night weekend break in October - to Butlins. We literally could not be more grateful for this and are really excited. It's going to do us all the world of good and as my mum paid for the premium dining package also we've not got to worry about trying to find to much spending money, after all there is plenty of free things for Charlie to do all day and all the way up to bedtime and then some!

    I will do more blog posts on the run up to our break away. We've been to Butlins twice since Charlie was born and its great family break away in the UK.

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